Top Careers: Work as a Firefighter!

If you are not quite sure what to do with your life, you’re definitely not alone. With the cost of college tuition rising all the time, and the availability of student loans becoming lower, it can be hard to decide what to do about your future. The good news? One of the best careers of all time, that of firefighting, is still smoking hot, and training to be a firefighter is less difficult than you may have been led to believe.

Let’s take a look at some basics, so you can decide whether firefighter training might be a good fit for you.

Basic Firefighter Training

The firefighters you see on TV and in the movies are specially trained. They have loads of technical skill and plenty of knowledge that has taken them years to accumulate. One would think that the brave men and women who are so often portrayed by top actors would have to spend years in school learning all there is to know about firefighting.

The fact is, everyone starts out with some very basic knowledge, and slowly works his or her way through the steps toward becoming an elite firefighter. By taking some introductory firefighting classes, you can make yourself more appealing to fire department recruiters, and you can “try before you buy” – in essence, you can try the job out before making a commitment to an employer. This helps to keep your employment record looking sharp, and it also prevents you from spending years in a profession that is not really for you!

Beyond the Basics

Most large fire departments, and plenty of smaller ones, hold regular training sessions where firefighters can learn new skills and keep up to date on the basics. These sessions could include training about Hazardous Materials cleanup and firefighting, Bomb Disposal, Search and Rescue, Emergency Driving Techniques, First Aid, CPR, and other topics. Members of paid fire departments are paid for the time they spend in training, learning these additional skills, which means that even if you enter a fire department with just the basics, you’ll be receiving thousands of dollars worth of education, while being paid to participate. You just can’t ask for a better deal.

Career Options and Outlooks

There are plenty of different firefighting specialties available – everything from working as part of a dedicated search and rescue team to fighting forest fires, to working as an arson investigator or being a liaison between businesses and the department to ensure fire safety plans are in place – and more! As the population increases, the demand for people willing to work on local fire departments continues to grow, and despite the fact that the economy is lagging, cities and counties rely on firefighters to protect valuable infrastructures.

Pay and benefits are normally very good, and though you’ll work long shifts as a firefighter, you will normally receive plenty of time off for rest and relaxation between shifts. No wonder this is such a popular career!

Take a look at the basic firefighter training that is offered to find out more. You could be on your way to a hot new career!